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Catching up…

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The house is moving along so quickly! We can hardly believe that the deck is finished, the sophets are done, the drywall is up, and the taping, mud and sanding has been completed!

Today is Monday. Last Friday, the well was hooked up to the water lines, the septic pump was installed, the septic field excavation began and the carpenters were called in! They are scheduled to finish the inside trim and subfloors for the tile tomorrow! GAK! Later this week, the interior painting will be complete and the tile will be installed (which we just picked out last Wednesday!)

This week the septic pipes will be installed and the cement tubes to support our side stairs will be installed and the driveway will be completed - YIPEE! We’ll actually be able to drive down our driveway instead of having to park on the street and walk down!

We’re so excited - we just keep saying “4 bathrooms” all the time!!!

Each of the albums we have uploaded is named by date so you can check out all of the albums we’ve added since April 18th here:

Look for more updates soon on what wall colors and flooring tile we’ve chosen!

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