Happy New Year!

January 10th, 2007

2007 is here and with it those pesky resolutions!
I resolve to try to stay more up-to-date with house pictures! :)

Christmas was a blast and very relaxing! We were totally spoiled by everyone! We had a fabulous New Year’s celebration with Scott and Linda in PEI!!! We’re still celebrating the warm weather! I’m hoping that maybe if I leave up the Christmas tree, it will keep the snow away!

Congratulations to Tess and Dan who welcomed our newest god child, baby Elly Emma, on New Year’s eve!!

Congratulations to Greg and Wendy who are expecting baby MacIII in July!!

Boy! Are we gonna be busy or what?!!

We’ve added severl new photo albums we hope you’ll enjoy:
House stuff: http://www.steadywinds.com/gal/McGrath
Friends and family: http://www.steadywinds.com/valgal/family

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We love to hear from you!

Tess & Family

June 1st, 2006

We’d like to send our congratulations to Tess and Dan Wuchenich (currently located in sunny Hawaii) on the announcement of their pregnancy! Here’s the first picture of the baby-to-be!
Val & Bill

Pierre and friends…

May 3rd, 2006

I can’t believe over a year has passed since we broke ground! Soon our one year anniversary will roll around… wow, how time flies!

We’ve had a great year in the new place! There are still some boxes to unpack and we both still have to figure out how to keep our craft areas clean, but I have a feeling we’ll still be working on both things years from now :)

It’s wonderful having Greg and Wendy just around the corner! It’s hard to believe that they have two chillin’s now - Alex and Marina. We’re blessed to be their god parents and to be so close by to see them grow and change every day. Wendy started her own web site to try to keep everyone up to date on their news: nieforthblessings.blogspot.com

We are also blessed with new friends, Kim and Peter Prince who were married at our home during the holidays on December 17th… here are the newly weds!

We had a visitor this weekend, Pierre S. Porcupine (affectionately S. for spike).

It was such a nice evening that we decided to try out our new little firepit in the back yard (water hose close at hand just incase!) The grass is really starting to green up again… needs mowing already out front!

We hope you’ll join us for a bbq on the deck… we just picked up a nice big grill so we’re all set for the season!

Here are just a few photos… I’ll post more of the inside of the house soon!

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Cabinets and flooring…

June 29th, 2005

For those of you who check daily to see if there are any updates, you’ll fall over - OMG - an update two days in a row!!! :)

Last night was thrilling! We drove down the driveway to find the peak of the house finished and the trim around the showcase window finished - - what a difference! We LOVE IT! We’ve also requested that Ramar install pediments around the bonus room windows and the garage window, so da siding boys were back on the ladder last night cutting the siding away from the windows to make room for the wide pediments. Yep, you guessed it - they were THRILLED about that! OOPS! :-|

When we walked in through the garage, we were giddy to see sawdust on the floor in the kitchen… that meant someone had been cutting something in the kitchen! Could it be… yes, it was… cabinets!!!! Wahoo!!! They are even nicer than we pictured with the cork and the hardwood floors! Whew… what a relief!

Then, we turned to see the dining room floor finished and the den floor installed too! It’s neat how the color of the room changes the appearance of the floor color… it’s cool… it kinda looks like we have various shades of hardwood throughout - depending on which room yer in!

We can picture the bbq on the deck and everyone over for a big scoff… soon guys, soon!!!

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Amazing Progress!!

June 28th, 2005

It is truly amazing how much transpires in two weeks! The house is really moving along - ahead of schedule acutally!

The interior trim and walls are all painted - even Jazzi’s little doors to the basement and to her litter box. The lighting is 95% installed and all of the light switches and plugs are in. The deck stairs are complete and the lattice work is almost finished. The tile and cork floors are down and the hardwood floors are started. The kitchen cabinets are in and the vanties have arrived - sans countertops until next Monday as planned…. WHEW! We’ve been BUSY! :)

The good news is that we’re very happy with how everything is coming together! We both love all of the room colors (although we narrowly avoided having the bedroom and bathroom painted Beacon Bench instead of Dessert Sand! - yikes) and the flooring is just as we had hoped… it’s hard to believe… four bathrooms, four bathrooms, four bathrooms! Pretty soon we’ll have to post pictures of the mess at 30 Cathy Road - packing central!

Here’s the top level link to all of the albums we have added since June 13th: http://www.steadywinds.com/gal/McGrath

Goodness knows… they might be finished by the next time we get to post pictures! Our closing date is July 28 and our moving day is July 30 - just incase you might enjoy unpacking :)

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Catching up…

June 13th, 2005

The house is moving along so quickly! We can hardly believe that the deck is finished, the sophets are done, the drywall is up, and the taping, mud and sanding has been completed!

Today is Monday. Last Friday, the well was hooked up to the water lines, the septic pump was installed, the septic field excavation began and the carpenters were called in! They are scheduled to finish the inside trim and subfloors for the tile tomorrow! GAK! Later this week, the interior painting will be complete and the tile will be installed (which we just picked out last Wednesday!)

This week the septic pipes will be installed and the cement tubes to support our side stairs will be installed and the driveway will be completed - YIPEE! We’ll actually be able to drive down our driveway instead of having to park on the street and walk down!

We’re so excited - we just keep saying “4 bathrooms” all the time!!!

Each of the albums we have uploaded is named by date so you can check out all of the albums we’ve added since April 18th here:

Look for more updates soon on what wall colors and flooring tile we’ve chosen!

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Insulated from the cold - and hot!

May 18th, 2005

The siding is so close to being finished… we’re just waiting for our ’special order’ shingle siding to go above the arched window. We’re pleased with the window pediments - ya know, the white “stuff” around each window :)

They started insulating with that itchy pink stuff. What a difference! No echos in them there rooms any more!

AND, the infamous deck starts… too bad Valerie is missing all of the excitement while she is in Ottawa for work!

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Siding continues & Terilyn visits

May 10th, 2005

We’re happy with the siding color and gave Terilyn the dime tour today…. she has picked out her room color :) Come stay anytime Teri!

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On our side… ing

May 10th, 2005

Today is very exciting… siding starts today! Let’s hope the color we chose way back when actually has the look we’re hoping for - subtle and elegant.

The well is in and the heating ducts are going in throughout. We’ve decided not to do a drop-ceiling in the basement so that we can maximize the ceiling height downstairs.

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A unexpected day off work!

May 6th, 2005

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It’s Friday. We were scheduled to meet with 2 electricians and Traditional Cabinetry this morning at 8am. We were there with bells on. Greg Burke (the high voltage electrician) was there too. He started us walking from room to room and actually deciding where each plug and each light fixture went. He was FANTASTIC - he made us feel like the house was already ours and encouraged us to make sure that it was the way we wanted it to be. We skipped the kitchen because we still didn’t know where the cabinetry was going exactly.

By the time we made it 1/2 way through the house, the low voltage electricians showed up - the people Bill really wanted to get organized with so that his CAT5???? wiring was the way he wanted it for all of the computers, stereo, telephone and security systems… his thing for sure!

So I plugged away (ha, get it, plugged) with Greg to figure out where all the pot lights would go. What a shock to find out that the 36 pot lights we planned to purchase couldn’t be $8.99 - noooooooooo, they are $50 each installed :( HACK - FURBALL! (ok so there aren’t quite 36 any more!)

Meanwhile Bill ‘got educated’ too… each of the 22 network and phone drops is going to be about the same price as a pot light - roll over and play dead!

As I am just finishing up with Greg, the “other Greg” (Greg Walker) shows up to go over the kitchen cabinetry with us. Long story short, given the kitchen layout and the patio door location, we needed to choose between the eating bar and the island. The eating bar won so we’ll have a nice open kitchen :) But what are the dimensions of your stove and range hood?? Ummmm???

Ok, so by then it was nearly 1pm and we figured we weren’t going to make it to work for long anyway, so we decided to go appliance shopping. We knew we were looking for black appliance, and we knew what fridge and dishwasher we liked, now we just needed to know what stove… the pictures of our choices are below (except in black).

For more info, click each item here: